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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jolie Holland and R. Hunter sing to each other

I loved this conversation -- many rad things happened during the phone call that won't be included in the Portland Mercury article, especially the part where we sang to each other, so I typed it out word-for-word below:

RH: That Ghostly Girl song really reminded me of this Syd Barrett song called Golden Hair, do you know that one?

JH: Wait, how does it go?

RH: It goes like, (sings) "lean out your window, golden hair"

JH: Oh yeah, totally.

RH: It's a really trippy one.

JH: You know what song I love? That Dark Globe one, I love that song so much. (sings) "Where are you now?" you know that one?

RH: Ha ha, yeah.

JH: So pretty.

RH: Man, he's got it, that guy.

JH: He's fantastic, yeah, it's too bad he decided he wanted to stop.

RH: It's a big mystery, that whole story.

JH: Yeah, it's some crazy story about somebody doping him up, you know that one?

RH: Yeah, I heard about that. There's that Saucerful of Secrets book that talks about that.

JH: I probably read that a long time ago.

RH: People would give him tea to help him come down from an acid trip, but the tea would have acid in it or something.

JH: Yeah, it's so nuts.

RH: Pretty crazy.

JH: (laughs) Has that ever happened to you?

RH: (laughs) Yeah.

JH: Crazy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know that Golden Hair song is actually a James Joyce poem Barrett put to music? Well, you probably did, but just in case, here you go.

p.s. this is Susan.

6:12 AM  

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