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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Upcoming NYC Shows for Peter and the Wolf

August 18th at Goodbye Blue Monday. More acts tba.

August 19th boat launch at Brooklyn Bridge Park, pending permits. It'll be a Saturday afternoon drunken goodtime boat-launching ceremony, complete with a really really smoking hot scantily clad missionary to christen the boat with a bottle of cristal.

Jolie Holland and R. Hunter sing to each other

I loved this conversation -- many rad things happened during the phone call that won't be included in the Portland Mercury article, especially the part where we sang to each other, so I typed it out word-for-word below:

RH: That Ghostly Girl song really reminded me of this Syd Barrett song called Golden Hair, do you know that one?

JH: Wait, how does it go?

RH: It goes like, (sings) "lean out your window, golden hair"

JH: Oh yeah, totally.

RH: It's a really trippy one.

JH: You know what song I love? That Dark Globe one, I love that song so much. (sings) "Where are you now?" you know that one?

RH: Ha ha, yeah.

JH: So pretty.

RH: Man, he's got it, that guy.

JH: He's fantastic, yeah, it's too bad he decided he wanted to stop.

RH: It's a big mystery, that whole story.

JH: Yeah, it's some crazy story about somebody doping him up, you know that one?

RH: Yeah, I heard about that. There's that Saucerful of Secrets book that talks about that.

JH: I probably read that a long time ago.

RH: People would give him tea to help him come down from an acid trip, but the tea would have acid in it or something.

JH: Yeah, it's so nuts.

RH: Pretty crazy.

JH: (laughs) Has that ever happened to you?

RH: (laughs) Yeah.

JH: Crazy.