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Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Theater Fire

The Theater Fire out of Denton, TX have a lot of things going for them. First, there's the homepage of their website which is just great. Then there's the amazing, solemn singing on tracks like, "Kicking Up the Darkness" and "Fiddleback Weaver," which you can sample on their site as well. And they've got an amazing assortment of instruments which they play with great vision: banjos, fiddles, trumpets, slide guitars and lots more.

The Theater Fire's 4-song EP, "Everybody Has a Dark Side," was handed to me on 6th Street last month during SXSW by one of the band's members (I was wasted and don't know which one, so let me know and I'll edit this, ha ha) and I somehow magically kept ahold of it all night and listened to it the next day, falling completely under its spell.

The title track, "Everybody Has a Dark Side," gets into some speculation about the philosophical origins Darth Vader, which I feel is long overdue. And the name alone of the song, "These Tears Could Rust a Train," makes me want to listen to it again again. You can do just that by visiting their myspace page.

"Fiddleback Weaver," my favorite track on the EP, begins with beautifully-executed Mariachi trumpets and contains the Brothers Grimm-esque lines, "And they'll laugh under the moon before being consumed by the Fiddleback Weaver who's constructed their doom."

Having been unable to make their last couple local performances, I can't wait to see these guys live. I'd also kill to get them playing a show with NYC's O'Death, their kindred spirits. It'll happen some sunny day. Pick up The Theater Fire's first, self-titled CD on Peek A Boo Records.


Anonymous Noah said...

What you picked up is a 4 song sampler from their full-length (due out in May on Undeniable Records). They may even have a third full-length out by the end of the year. See them live if you get the chance.

10:15 AM  

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