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Monday, April 03, 2006

thank you SCTAS

I've long admired the sctas website and its constant exposure of new and intriguing artists. Hell, that's where I first read about Castanets after my gal played Cathedral for me, now one of my favorite albums. From the name of their site alone (it stands for "Slightly Confusing to a Stranger") you get an idea of what the quest is about, digging below the surface to find new and unusual expressions. That's why it's an honor to read their Peter and the Wolf review and see such an incredible compliment:

"'The Fall' may be the single best song I've heard in the last year. It's a socially significant song that tells the tale of a great city being laid to waste. The surviving people found nomadic tent-and-trailer communities where people are brought back together through trial and hardship. 'The Fall' is a completely beautiful and sad tale."

So thanks to Kaleb. "I kno-o-ow you're out there," to quote Mr. Elvrum, doing great work and helping us all along the way. Check out sctas.com and see what I'm talkin about.


Blogger Derek said...

good luck with the new blog... if you need any help with it, just let me know and i'll be glad to help (even though my blog kinda looks crappy itself :)).

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