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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Possessed by Paul James

What may be a name unknown to most people reading this will someday go down in songwriting history, mark my words. Stomping, hollering visionary Konrad Wert's music, performed under the name Possessed by Paul James, is nothing short of a miracle. The myth of his life has yet to spread, and since there are so many uncertainties about it I'll just tell you he somehow shreds on three instruments, has the voice of satan and a priest all mixed together, and he grew up in a Mennonite Amish family. Words don't really do justice to this new voice, so I'll start by just referring you to one of his songs, "Committed."

Committed - mp3

In truth there's not much I can say about this guy that wouldn't be better expressed by just watching him. He's doing his first tour in Europe right now on Shake Your Ass Records--and I know there's no substitute for the real thing--but this video will give you some idea why I'm so blown away by the guy.

To learn more and purchase his amazing self-titled LP, please visit Shake Your Ass Records.


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