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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Very, very cool pictures are the first thing that catches your attention about Louis. They're a completely distinct style, simple but highly creative, and beautiful. Find a bunch more on their website, too.

Their 4-song EP "A Freakshow Revenge" begins with what is most immediately distinct about this songwriter: his voice. Hear it for yourself on their myspace page. The word "mercy" is the first sound on the recording; and for the duration of the EP his voice is the thing you'll probably pay attention to most.

My favorite song on this EP (the only one you can't hear on Louis's myspace page) is "Disease," the concluding track. Again, the vocals are prominent and striking, beginning over a quiet guitar line. There's a very steady, entrancing quality in his voice, which is especially foregrounded here.

Since the EP is so inexpensive (only four bucks!) and available from their site, I recommend previewing/purchasing it here, supporting independent music, and getting ahold of these beautifully strange songs.


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