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Friday, April 07, 2006

Lexie Mountain Boys

The second weirdest thing that happened at our little, unpublicized show at Baltimore's Floristree Space last fall--I don't exactly know how it came about--was that Chan Marshall showed up. Members of Diamond Caverns, Peter and the Wolf, and The Black sort of stood around in disbelief, but there she was at the show. That was the second weirdest thing that happened.

And then in a whole other galaxy of weird, where inhabitants of a moon-city orbit some impossibly-drawn inverted wormhole-shaped non-physical planet of weird, was the actual weirdest thing that happened that night: The Lexie Mountain Boys.

And by "weird" I mean "really, really hot and weird."

Marching onto the floor in a Bacchanalian procession, morphing mad laughter into hacking and finally pantomime vomiting, and chanting bizarre compliments from one imaginary person to another in a line while dancing like little girls performing their first choreographed piece for their parents, these ladies put us through something that night I still can't fully wrap my brain around.

So what does any self-respecting fellow do when confronted with wolf-like women for one spastic night in a town he doesn't need to ever see again? Seek them out and set up another tour, naturally! Peter and the Wolf proudly announces shows with Lexie Mountain Boys on August 4th (Baltimore) and August 6th (the woods somewhere in Providence.) Oh, man!

Although it's no substitute, visit their myspace to hear a performance by the Lexie Mountain Boys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

their music is so weird! I love it

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