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Monday, April 03, 2006

Great Lake Swimmers, "Bodies and Minds"

(NOTE: I was drunk when I wrote this awhile back. Usually I'd start over, but this one came out okay. As long as you realize I was drunk when I typed it, then it's alright.)

Look, I love all the recordings I got from Misra. But as always, an occasional record stands out because it just matches the way I'm feeling about life when I hear it, and that's the case with "Bodies and Minds" by Great Lake Swimmers. I'm going to try to show my enthusiasm by a series of short sentence fragments.

Freaking beautiful. Unbelievably warm and graceful. Deeper than most music goes. Lyrically profound.

There. If I were a promoter I'd paint that on the back of bums' jackets in Chicago and turn it into some subversive marketing campaign. But I'm just a guy low on cash typing on his girlfriend's computer while she's in NYC wondering what it'll be like when she comes home, if things will be better or...

I feel a connection with the writer, like we conceive of music at its foundation the same way. Those "ooh oohs" concluding the first track "Song for the Angels" are so familiar, it feels as though I might've written them in a dream. Whatever it is, I just want to find the guy and give him a hug. Hope he likes hugs.

(NOTE: Drunken writing ends there. The rest of the review is by the same guy, sober.)

Now that you realize what kind of euphoria this record might put you in after you've had a couple too many, here's a little about the track "Various Stages." The refrains from this song, like many of Dekker's melodies, really seem to soar into the stratosphere. It's fitting that this album was recorded in a church in Ontario. The combination of his god-given good voice and the ability to put it in the right place, combines with impressionistic (the adjective, not the movement) lyrics: "How high, your highest of heights, how low are your lows," which I've read are about a relationship with a manic depressive. That seems about right.

Various Stages - mp3

Support Great Lake Swimmers by visiting Misra Records, where their records are available.


Blogger Alla Nazimova said...

i fall asleep to this record almost every night. one-word explanation: comforting. like being tucked in and caressed.

3:57 PM  

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