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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Et Ret, "Gasworks"

Et Ret is the second instrumental recording I received from Western Vinyl recently, and much like its labelmate Bexar Bexar, it offers us entrancing layers of stringed instruments and electronic glue. The sound is heavy, string-laden (violin, cello, guitar) and dark; the trance-effect it has on you is hard to describe. It's kind of like you're in some vast desert with cactuses, something you'd see in an old western movie, but the sky instead of having clouds and birds is a circuitboard of microchips and blinking lights. Ragged Moroccans stare at you from everywhere, but instead of riding camels they're on moving sidewalks like at the airport.

This music is not that easy to pin down. All I can say is that it's heavenly and mysterious. Just listen for yourself:

For the mellow side of Et Ret, here's: The First Day (excerpt) - mp3

For the more climactic side: Letting Go of the Balloon (excerpt) - mp3

Gasworks is a lovely record worth owning and sharing. When Matt Perkins reviewed it for Digitalis, he accurately described the feeling one has after listening to it like this, "I really would like to be outside right now. Yeah, I think that's where I'll go." It'll make you want to run through a field, stare off at the ocean, or ride a train.

Purchase Gasworks and other fine Western Vinyl recordings here and learn more about Et Ret on the Western Vinyl website.


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