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Friday, April 07, 2006

The CJ Boyd Sexxxtet

Let me start out by saying the pictures on CJ Boyd Sexxxtet myspace page are dangerous. Not like threat-to-the-establishment dangerous or anything, just dangerous in the sense that people might tend to overlook the music itself when they see press photos like the one of three naked girls, two of whom are kissing while the other's breasts are pressed against the cello she's embracing. But not me, man, I'm all about the music. I'll just go ahead and include that cello one here, though.

All about the music.

The naked press photos are okay, I think, when you put them in the context of the sounds. Boyd's compositions are primal, instrumental works that develop over long periods of time. It's the kind of music you can really trip out to. Very Steve Reich-ian, but not imitative.

The three-song EP I received contains three tracks which, in their scope and range, feel more like a symphony than an EP. Each track is a little under 20 minutes long, and the first begins with what sounds like a Tibetan singing bowl which gets some lovely overtones underneath which a lone guitar melody slowly enters. About four minutes in, the strings enter--there is a film score quality here for sure. Soon Boyd begins plucking a bassline as the others repeat a (get ready non-musicians) pizzicato ostinato. And a really cool low drum that might be a timpani, I'm not sure. About 14 minutes into the track things start to get noisier.

I'd really like to walk around Mexican deserts on mescaline listening to this. It's refreshing to hear this stuff in a world of indie rock and experimental electronica. Boyd's music must be a big challenge to put together, rehearse, and coordinate, and we appreciate that.

Only the third track, "And indeed there will be time," contains vocals--a repeating phrase sung by the group. You can listen to a rad excerpt on their myspace page.

Fortunately for those of us who like the music first and the nakedness a distant (but still awesome) second, you can't see all those pictures unless you're a member of myspace and you log in, so that should really limit the pervs and keep the focus on---oh wait, I forgot; everyone on Earth has three myspace profiles. As I write this, Tom has no less than 68,453,001 friends. (NOTE: In the day since I wrote the draft, Tom's friend count went up to 69,004,955. That's over half a million profiles in a day. Seriously.)

You know what I'd do if I had 69,004,955 friends? Exactly what CJ Boyd is doing. I'd make really cool music and get people to take naked pictures with me.

To contact Mr. Boyd about this recording, please visit the CJ Boyd Sexxxtet myspace page.


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