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Monday, April 03, 2006

The Black Angels

I included a Black Angels song on disc two of our winter comp but for awhile their CD sat in my Fanatic-stack until things calmed down a little.

Their self-titled EP is one of those four-good-songs leaves-you-wanting-more types. Since it's nice and short, I'll just give a track-by-track rundown and recommend that people who like to stick their heads out the window of really fast-moving cars get ahold of this recording soon.

Track one, Black Grease, is a trucker on speed driving through the desert at 4 am wondering what the hell he's doing with his life, missing his two wives and families on opposite ends of the country who don't know of each other's existence. He's gonna pull off to the side of the road soon and start digging, and since no one will see him do it, no one will ever know what he buries.

Black Grease - mp3

Track two, The First Vietnamese War, is helicopters flying over the jungle. It's a montage of all the war movies you've seen and all the napalm dropped on little wooden villages. It will remind you, in case you forgot, that war is stupid and should be avoided whenever possible. Track three, Winter '68, is the most Velvet Undergroundy of the four songs. Stephanie Bailey gives it that All Tomorrow's Parties drum-and-tamborine beat behind Alex Maas's simple, Nico-esque vocal line. I'm guessing that The Black Angels have heard a lot of Velvet Underground comparisons. That's okay. Velvet Underground was rad, and I don't think The Black Angels' resemblance is derivative, just parallel. The final track, Manipulation, is a long, dark drone from outer space.

Shows, recordings, and all the info you need can be found at the Black Angels site


Blogger Derek said...

yeah, the angels are freaking awesome. i just caught them in seattle this past week and the show blew me away, as usual.

7:50 PM  

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