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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Peter and the Wolf: Summer 2006 Tour Announcement

Okay guys,
This is insane.

Touring all through July and August, hitting Canada on both the West and East, this summer's Peter and the Wolf tour will include:

1. R. Hunter performing with a different band-of-a-dozen-hobo-friends in almost every town.

2. A SAILBOAT section of the tour along the Atlantic coast with Jana Hunter and Castanets!! It started with a beer-influenced conversation about how everyone plays the same venues over and over and how we should name some boat the SS Hunter and get out on the freakin ocean! (fingers crossed, kids, it ain't gonna be easy)

3. An Order-of-the-Owl style documentary filming of one week of the tour which consists of shows in non-venues like a crashed train, a barn, etc.

There’s no denying it: This is going to be the strangest, funnest, craziest thing we've EVER done.


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