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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Peter and the Wolf headlines EMOS: March 31st

We've set up a dream show:

10 pm: Navajo Radio (includes Cari of Fancy Feast and Johnny of the amazing art collective Totally Wreck)

10:45 pm: The Harpeth Trace (very unusual touring experimos from LA)

11:30 pm: Madeline (one-of-a-kind songstress from Bloomington, IN)

12: 15 am: Possessed by Paul James (his big show before leaving on first European tour! my current favorite living busker lumberjack madman)

1:00 am: Peter and the Wolf and the Ecstatic Orchestra of Junk (this sound is ever-evolving, and this time we're going to add to the SPATIAL dimension as well as the AURAL. get your engines running.)

I'm going to post this bulletin again, but I'm freaking excited that we've put this show together. holy freaking cow.


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